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Biosecurity measures

We want to make you feel as safe as you are at home, so our biosecurity measures are just as strict and designed to combat the spread of this new threat.


We are carrying out additional sanitation actions at our facilities.


Our team is being trained and updated at all times to guarantee a safe and trained service


As COVID-19 has developed, we have issued flexibility policies in the corresponding reserves.

(Questions at


Independent air conditioners per room, which prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, even so preventive filter maintenance was carried out.


We use antiviral disinfectants in our cleaning routine to keep rooms and public areas safe


If a client presents symptoms during their stay, we notify the health authorities, who will attend to the case.


We do extra vigilance to continue maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in the preparation and handling of food, as well as tableware.


Hygiene items for clients and collaborators. We have antibacterial gel in public areas







We have implemented online pre check in / express check out processes in order to ensure that the guest takes as little time as possible to enter their room. Make your registration at

We have online payment platforms so that the guest can pay for their room at the time of pre-check in online and the extra charges that they make during their stay at the hotel can be canceled before leaving the hotel if they wish at https : //

The hotel has security screens at the reception to guarantee the required distance.

The delivery of stationery to the client, as are all the information brochures of the accommodation, will be avoided. This may also imply the temporary suspension of the services and magazines of printed newspapers of common use.




The hotel has sanitization mats at the main entrances, through which the guest must enter the hotel, as well as all rolling objects that they carry.

Temperature control will be performed on all guests upon entering the hotel with infrared thermometers.

All guests must enter with masks and use them in the common areas of the hotel.




The hotel's cleaning plan has been reinforced, in terms of regularity and effectiveness of the products to be used. The common areas of our hotel are constantly cleaned and disinfected. In addition, a general disinfection is carried out with a nebulizer that uses a disinfectant product at least once a day.

All frequent contact points in public areas such as: door handles, elevator buttons, counters, tables, railings, etc. they are cleaned daily and disinfected continuously throughout the day.

The capacity of all areas of the hotel were redefined and signaled in such a way that the requirements of distance between people are met.

We have limited the capacity of the elevators so that distances between people can be maintained, except for members of the same family unit.

Disposable soap and towel dispensers are available in all public restrooms.

Hand sanitizers are available in all areas of the hotels. Gym service was temporarily suspended.




An analysis of the furniture in the rooms was carried out and all elements that could represent risks for the transmission of the virus were removed, including decorative pillows and footboards.

We removed the stationery from the rooms.
Each room that is going to receive a new guest has a process

Complete disinfection with the disinfection nebulizer machine.

In addition, a set of properly disinfected single-dose amenities is placed in each room, which includes a disinfectant solution.

The TV and air conditioning controls are delivered clean, sanitized and packaged in a sealed bag.





We adapt the service areas for collaborators in order to guarantee that they can fully comply with biosafety protocols.

Upon entering their work, a temperature check is made on all employees.

All the staff received training on prevention measures, mainly regarding hand washing, social distancing and the use of protective elements. Both at work, at home and when traveling between the two places.

All personnel have the appropriate personal protection elements for the work they perform (masks, gloves, etc.). Likewise, they are duly trained in the use, handling and replacement of these implements, to guarantee optimal hygiene.

All supplies, supplies and materials are properly disinfected before being admitted to the hotel facilities.

Any supplier entering must undergo temperature control and sanitization procedures.




In the event of detecting someone with a positive sign of COVID-19, there is a protocol to notify health authorities and follow up to identify possible contacts and areas where said person may have been.

We have developed processes to verify compliance with protocols and procedures, for this purpose, we appoint a Health and Safety Committee in the organization.




  • Before entering the restaurant it is required to take the temperature of all customers.

  • The use of masks is mandatory, which following the provisions of the regulatory entities, can only be removed only to remain at the table, in case of requiring to move inside the premises and to leave it, you must put it on.

  • A digital menu was implemented that can be obtained by means of a QR Code and we also have disposable printed menus.

  • The buffet food service was temporarily eliminated, giving priority to the food service served, to reduce manipulation or intervention by customers.

  • Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each use.

  • Following the guidelines established for restaurants in Panama, only a maximum occupancy of 4 people per table is allowed and if possible some 6 for a family nucleus (for this, the kinship relationship of the same must be verified by means of the surname ).

  • Dishes, table covers and all eating utensils are cleaned and disinfected after each meal in a hot water cleaning machine.

  • Before closing the restaurant, the premises are disinfected with a fogging machine.

  • The restaurant has removable protection screens that can be used at the request of customers.

  • All food production processes are carried out under strict food safety measures and the restaurant staff has been trained for it.

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