What can I do in Chiriquí?

Our hotel is located in David, Chiriquí, Panama. Chiriquí is one of the ten Provinces of Panama. Its capital is the city of David, it has beautiful hotels for your stay.

In the following series of 3 videos, our friend @DeviajeconArmando takes us on tour around beautiful and imposing places in Chiriquí province that you can reach in a short time from Aranjuez Hotel & Suites, all of these places are part of our TOP places in Chiriquí. We can recommend tour operators to arrange your trip.

The province of Chiriqui is located in the western sector of Panama having as limits to the north of the province of Bocas del Toro and the Ngäbe-Bugle west the Republic of Costa Rica (Puntarenas province), eastern province of Veraguas and south Pacific ocean. Chiriqui has an area of 6,547.7 square kilometers. It has some rivers like the Palo Alto, Caldera, Chiriqui New, Rio Chiriqui Viejo, Valleys, Rio Cochea, Rio Colga, Rio Papayal, the White Water River, Piedra River, Rio David, Rio Fonseca, Rio San Felix, Rio Tabazará. It bounded on the north Bocas del Toro and Bugle Ngäbe west with Costa Rica, Veraguas to the east and south by the Pacific Ocean.

Playa Las Lajas, Distrito de San Félix

North of this province is the great Cordillera de Talamanca where born numerous rivers flowing into the Pacific, where the highest elevation in the country which is Volcan Baru (or is volcano Chiriqui) with 3,474 meters above sea level elevations such as the Cerro Horqueta, Cerro Fabrega, Cerro Picacho (2,874 m), Cerro Pando (2,468 m) among others


Puerto Armuelles and Punta Burica
The province of Chiriqui has an exclave in the far east, the village of Justo Pidel Palacios in the district of Tole, which is separated from the rest of the province by the Ngäbe-Bugle (district Müna). In turn Tolé within the district it contains two enclaves belonging to the Ngäbe-Bugle.

Flora and fauna

The province of Chiriqui is one of the most biodiverse country. Near the border with Costa Rica the highlands of Central mountain range (Cordillera de Talamanca) is located. In Chiriqui there are several species of plants, including peanuts, mahogany, red cedar, kapok, cypress, oak, ash, guácimo, guapaque, laurel, mangrove, mesquite, grasslands, pine, quebracho and flying.

There is also a variety of wildlife, especially birds and reptiles. Among the fauna there waterfowl, boas, crocodiles (including crocodile, an endemic species), warthogs, lions, monkeys, porcupines, sarahuatos, agoutis, opossums, turtles, white - tailed deer, toucans yellow neck and jaguar which is the largest feline in America and third in the world also lies in Chiriqui. Source: Provincia de Chiriqui

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