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    Because your work deserves the best rest Expedia travelers rating - reseñas Premio expedia loved by guests calificaciones altas 1/10 Offers & Discounts 50% Up to exclusive discount on Our Website Shh don't share it (It's a secret) BOOK NOW New snack shop available 24/7 with snacks, fast&healthy food, drinks and convenience items MORE PROMOS Exclusive when booking on our website COMPLIMENTARY SNACK BOOK NOW enjoy a unique romantic Experience MORE INFO 3 MINUTES FROM THE AIRPORT JARAMA RESTAURANT ​ FREE AIRPORT TRANSFER COORDINATED WITH COMERCIAL FLIGHTS Resquest the service FREE FAST FIBER OPTICS WIFI BREAKFAST JARAMA What's included? GYM ​ Aranjuez Hotel & Suites carefully designed to enchant you as it's a comfortable and elegant lodging option in Chiriqui. Our quality and personalized service inherited from the "boutique" concept have led us to win several international awards. Why choose us? Business rates Request a special corporate rate for your company Request now What to do in Chiriquí? Read guide Chiriqui Guide How's the weather? We have created a special touristic Chiriquí guide International Awards MORE AWARDS

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    Home Book now The hotel Information Rooms Awards Multimedia gallery Políticas Generales Jarama Restaurant About the restaurant Menú Ejecutivo Menu Schedule Included Breakfast A la carte breakfast Lunch and dinner Drinks Desserts To share Events Schedule Airport Transfer Request Corporate Rate Promociones Recibe nuestras ofertas Promociones actuales Experiencia Romántica Contact and Location Contact us Location Social networks Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ Site Map Additional services Pet Friendly (Policies) Pre Check-in Check-Out Express Biosecurity COVID-19 Visit Chiriquí Search results Close

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    QR Menu Included Breakfast Breakfast à la carte Executive menu Lunch and dinner DESSERTS To Share Drinks To try while you stay STRAWBERRIES WITH CHOCOLATE AND CREAM * Plate of strawberries covered with chocolate Exquisite! $ 14.50 NATIONAL DELIGHTS * Share these delights from the Panamanian provinces, included are white cheese, bienmesabe and corn rings. $ 12.00 TYPICAL SNACKS * Variety of typical candy with suspiros, cocadas, huevitos faldiqueros and pesada de nance. A delight to try out! $ 8.75 CHEESE AND HAM PLATE Delicious plate with a variety of national cheeses and ham $ 14.50 CRUDITÉS VEGETABLES AND TZATZIKI SAUCE Plate with cucumbers, carrots and olives accompanied with the delicious tzatziki sauce $ 9.00 BOTTLE OF SPARKLING WINE (CAVA) Enjoy an excellent bottle of Sparking Wine in the comfort of your room. *Subject to availability upon arrival. Brand depends on the season. $ 15.00 BOTTLE OF RED WINE Enjoy a bottle of red wine in the comfort of your room.*Subject to availability upon arrival. Brand depends on the season. $ 15.00 * Requires to be requested at least 24 hours in advance Breakfast included with your room Choose one option from each of the following groups and enjoy! Starter OATS IN WATER OR MILK (WHOLE OR DESLACTOSED) SEASONAL FRUIT (PINEAPPLE, PAPAYA AND BANANA) WITH NATURAL OR FLAVORED YOGURT COLD MEATS AND CHEESE PLATE CEREAL WITH GRANOLA AND MILK (WHOLE OR DESLACTOSED) Main course SAUTEED SAUSAGES WITH ONION, TOMATO AND PAPRIKA BEEF STEAK WITH ONIONS BEEF STEAK WITH TOMATO SAUCE TRADITIONAL BEEF STEAK "A CABALLO" BEEF STEAK WITH ONION AND TOMATO SAUCE "DERRETIDO" SANDWICH WITH HAM AND MELTED CHEESE OMELET OR SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH 2 INGREDIENTS (HAM, CHEESE OR VEGETABLES) FRIED OR COOKED EGGS MEATBALLS IN POMODORO SAUCE RANCHERO EGGS Side Dishes TRADITIONAL FRIED HOJALDRAS (2) TORTILLAS (FRIED OR ROASTED) (2) TRADITIONAL FRIED ALMOJÁBANOS (4 UNITS) TOASTS (WHITE OR WHOLE WHEAT BREAD) (2) PANCAKES(1) TRADITIONAL GALLO PINTO FRESH CHEESE (2 SLICES) Creams and Soups GREEN JUICE OR ORANGE JUICE BLACK COFFEE OR WITH MILK TEA (BLACK, GREEN, MINT, CHAMOMILE) IN HOT WATER OR MILK Breakfast BEEF STEAK WITH ONION AND FRESH CHEESE $8.00 BEEF STEAK WITH ONION AND TOMATO SAUCE $8.00 TOMATO SAUCE BEEF STEAK $8.00 TRADITIONAL BEEF STEAK "A Caballo" $9.00 LIVER WITH ONIONS AND FRESH CHEESE $9.00 "TASAJO" IN TOMATO SAUCE $9.00 "TASAJO" WITH SAUCE $9.00 FRIED "TASAJO" $ 9.00 EGGS "A LA RANCHERA" $ 7.50 FRIED EGGS $ 5.50 SCRAMBLED EGGS $ 5.50 BOILED EGGS $ 5.00 POACHED EGGS $ 5.50 VEGETARIAN OMELETTE (MUSHROOM, ONION, TOMATO AND PEPPER) $ 6.00 TRADITIONAL OMELETTE $ 6.00 ​ ADDITIONAL ORDERS ORDER OF BACON $ 3.00 ORDER OF FRESH CHEESE $ 2.50 ​ HAM AND MELTED CHEESE SANDWICH WITH FRIES $ 5.50 ORDER OF TRADITIONAL "HOJALDRAS" $ 1.50 ORDER OF TOAST $ 1.50 ORDER OF TRADITIONAL "PATACONES" $ 2.00 ORDER OF PANCAKES WITH BACON OR HAM $6.00 FRENCH TOAST WITH BACON OR HAM $4.00 OAT PLATE WITH RAISINS $4.00 CEREAL PLATE WITH GRANOLA $4.00 FRUIT OF THE SEASON WITH YOGURT $4.00 Lunch and dinner Salads SMOKED SALMON SALAD Romaine lettuce salad with smoked salmon, hearts of palm, egg and green olive with cheese dressing $ 12.00 TRADITIONAL CAESAR SALAD Fresh lettuce with croutons, parmesan, bacon and dressing $ 8.00 CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Tender mixed lettuces with croutons, Parmesan cheese and bacon, accompanied by grilled chicken fajitas $ 11.50 CAESAR SALAD WITH SHRIMP Traditional salad caesar with breaded shrimp, bacon and croutons $ 13.75 GREEK SALAD T í pica Salad with tomatines grapes, feta cheese, kalamata olives, paprika, white onion and balsamic vinegar $ 8.50 BURRATA IN PESTO SAUCE Burrata cheese in pesto sauce sauteed with tomatines $ 14.75 CONCHUELA (VIEIRA) Scallops sautéed with garlic and thyme on a bed of chard, tomato ch erry and pesto $ 14.75 ​ Creams and Soups CREAM OF ZAPALLO 5 SPICES Delicate pumpkin cream with fried onion and five spices $ 5.00 CREAM OF GREEN AND CRISPY PEAS Cream of green peas and crispy pork rind subtle on the palate $ 6.00 CHIRICAN STYLE HEN SOUP Chicken soup with vegetables and coriander $ 6.50 SEAFOOD PARIHUELA Saffron mixed seafood broth $ 9.00 Sandwiches JARAMA BURGER 1/4 lb grilled beef with caramelized onion, double cheese, bacon, and French fries $ 11.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH WITH MELTED CHEESE Grilled chicken fillet with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese on ciabatta bread $ 9.50 ROAST BEEF STEAK Grilled beef steak with honey mustard dressing, caramelized onions and provolone cheese on ciabatta bread $ 13.50 CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE WRAP Wheat tortilla stuffed with fresh lettuce, tomato, chicken fajitas, egg cake and house dressing $ 8.75 Specialties Pasta PASTA BOLOGNESE Pasta al dente al odor with ground beef $ 11.75 SEA FRUIT PASTA Seafood combination in fresh p omodoro sauce and focaccia bread $ 16.00 LASAGNA MY WAY Creamy meat lasagna with a touch of red and white sauce au gratin to perfection $ 14.00 PASTA WITH PRAWNS Pasta with prawns, olio dried tomatoes and focaccia bread $ 16.00 VEGETARIAN PASTA Sauteed basil, zucchini, carrot, chayote, onion, mushrooms and paprika $ 12.00 FLORENTINE PASTA Al dente pasta in white sauce with shrimp, spinach and focaccia bread $ 14.75 Fish, Meat, Chicken and Seafood GRILLED RIB EYE STEAK (imported) Grilled 12-ounce imported beef cut with brown chimi, sautéed potatoes and green salad $ 28.00 BEEF FILET IN SALASA DEMIGLACE 10 oz National Beef Steak with flavored mashed potatoes, mushrooms and sauteed vegetables $ 16.00 PICAÑA WITH YUCA AL MOJO 12-ounce cut of imported beef with yuca al mojo criollo, roasted corn on the cob and vegetables $ 22.00 GRILLED T-BONE IN CHIMI BROWN SAUCE Grilled 16-ounce imported beef cut in bell pepper sauce, creamy corn polenta, grilled vegetables and pesto mushrooms $ 35.00 PORK MIGÑON RED WINE REDUCTION Pork fillet in red wine reduction with sautéed potatoes, arugula, tomatines grapes, blue cheese and sweet and sour onion $ 14.00 PORK STEAK IN HONEY AND MUSTARD SAUCE Cut of pork in Provencal crust, risotto of pigeon peas and asparagus $ 15.00 ROASTED PORK RIB IN CANE HONEY Ribs accompanied by mashed potatoes and baby carrots roasted with rosemary and garlic $ 14.00 BLUE CORD OF HAM, CHEESE and AGELGA Classic Cord Blue chicken stuffed with ham, provolone cheese and chard in orange sauce with sweet potato puree and roasted carrots $ 14.50 GRILLED BREAST FILLET Tender breasts seasoned barbecue, bathed in chimichurri sauce and accompanied by segments of potatoes sautéed with rosemary and vegetables from the garden $ 13.00 SALMON FILLET WITH CRISPY Salmon fillet with crunchy pecan in honey mustard sauce with asparagus and sweet potato puree $ 18.00 CORVINA IN TEMPURA WITH GARLIC Sea bass fillet in garlic sauce with mashed potatoes on a bed of chard and scovich of vegetables $ 16.00 RED SNAPPER FILLET Steak snapper grilled red with patacones and green salad $ 11.75 MERO IN BRUNOISE SAUCE Fish fillet in brunoise pepper sauce and passion fruit citrus with potatoes sautéed , garden vegetables and chard $ 14.75 SHRIMP SCAMPI Garlic prawns with mashed potatoes and garden vegetables $ 18.00 GARLIC SHRIMP Shrimp sautéed in garlic served with mashed potatoes and cooked vegetables $ 14.75 ​ Rice RISOTTO WITH MUSHROOMS Creamy Italian rice with po rtobello mushrooms Y Parmesan $ 12.00 RISOTTO WITH SEA FRUITS Creamy Italian rice with clams, shrimp, squid spider mites, and mussels with Parmesan. $ 16.00 Desserts COCONUT FLAN Delicious homemade flan with coconut and caramel $ 4.50 BROWNIE Creamy chocolate sponge cake with crunchy nuts and vanilla ice cream $ 5.00 PINEAPPLE CHEESE CAKE Cold cheese cake with pineapple compote $ 5.00 To Share SPINACH AND CREAM CHEESE EMPANADITAS Empanadas made with wheat flour, cream cheese and sauteed spinach and onions $ 6.50 MEAT EMPANADITAS Homemade empanaditas made from wheat flour and cheese with meat filling $ 6.50 PINEAPPLE EMPANADITAS Delicate homemade empanadita stuffed with pineapple jam $ 5.50 SUPER NACHOS Fried corn tortillas with ground beef, au gratin with cheese, topped with pico de gallo and guacamole with cultured cream topping $ 6.50 ​ MIXED QUESADILLAS Toasted flour tortilla, Stuffed with chicken and meat, au gratin with cheese, sautéed with paprika and onion with a touch of BBQ and covered with pico de gallo and cultured cream $ 12.00 CHICKEN BREAST FINGERS Fajitas poultry breast crispy chicken and french fries $ 7.75 MOZARELLA FINGERS Fried mozzarella cheese fingers and served with french fries $ 7.75 INTERIOR PICADA Mixed with beer roasted chicken, tableño chorizo a la grill , pork ribs; Accompanied with roasted potatoes with rosemary, chimichurri and corn on the cob $ 17.75 SANDWICH CLUB Sandwich with ham, double cheese, grilled chicken breast, egg, lettuce and tomato with french fries $ 12.00 ​ JARAMA WINGS Breaded chicken wings with BBQ sauce and French fries $ 7.50 GRILLED SAUSAGES Honey and apple barbecue sausages, accompanied by yuca al mojo and cobs in butter $ 9.75 WANTON WALLETS STUFFED WITH PORK Wanton bags stuffed with pork in sweet and sour sauce $ 6.00 BANANA BASKETS STUFFED WITH SHRIMP Baskets of banana Stuffed with shrimp stir fry with a touch of red and spicy sauce $ 8.00 MIXED CEVICHE Mixture of fruit from the sea previously marinated and accompanied banana chips $ 7.50 FISH CEVICHE Fish fillet cubes marinated with lemon, onion, coriander and spicy; accompanied by banana chips $ 7.00 PRAWN AND PALM COCKTAIL Prawns cooked to perfection in golf sauce and hearts of palm $ 12.00 RIPE BANANA CROQUETTES Small spheres of mashed banana and shrimp in a semi-spicy chipotle sauce $ 8.00 GRATIN MUSSELS Mussels au gratin with parmesan and a touch of cream $ 9.00 SUSHI ROLL CHIRICANO Rice roll stuffed with seaweed, prawns ​ breadcrumbs, cream cheese, guacamole, crab sticks and topped with ripe banana in chipotle sauce $ 12.00 SUSHI ROLL IN TEMPURA Fried rice roll stuffed with crab, prawns, cream cheese and avocado pulp bathed in t empura $ 11.00 ​ VEGETABLE SUSHI ROLL Vegetarian sushi roll filled with zucchini , carrot, chayote and cream cheese $ 9.00

  • Jarama Restaurant the best restaurant in Chiriquí | Aranjuez Hotel in Panama

    Jarama Restaurant Whatsapp Jarama BIOSECURITY MENU MENÚ EJECUTIVO SCHEDULE Delights from the Sea & Land at Hotel Aranjuez JARAMA BREAKFAST ​ Exquisite and served every morning Included when booking on our website, our served breakfast is a varied menu concept served "Jarama" style and is available every day from 6:30 to 10:30 AM ​ JARAMA RESTAURANT Delicious Jarama Restaurant in the City of David, Chiriquí with regional dishes and international flavors; From an early hour you will be able to enjoy the exquisite aroma of coffee from the highlands of Chirica, a worthy exponent of the national gastronomy worldwide. Our Menu has been carefully designed by our Executive Chef who presents us with a variety of international culinary quality with a Spanish touch from Restaurant in David. It is without a doubt a Flavor Concert on your palate! BAR JARAMA For those who want a little more casual atmosphere, in our bar we offer the latest in sporting and social events. Including a selection of snacks with a Spanish, Caribbean, fusion and Panamanian touch accompanied by a selection of beers, wines, spirits and sodas of your choice as well as natural juices. BIOSECURITY IN JARAMA RESTAURANT Before entering the restaurant, the temperature of all customers is required. The use of masks is mandatory, which following the provisions of the regulatory bodies, can only be removed only to remain at the table, in case of requiring to move inside the premises and to leave it, you must put it on. A digital menu was implemented that can be obtained by means of a QR Code and we also have disposable printed menus. The buffet food service was temporarily eliminated, giving priority to the food service served, to reduce manipulation or intervention by customers. Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after each use. Following the guidelines established for restaurants in Panama, only a maximum occupancy of 4 people per table is allowed and if possible some 6 for a family nucleus (for this, the kinship relationship of the same must be verified by means of the surname ). The dishes, table covers and all eating utensils are cleaned and disinfected after each meal in a hot water cleaning machine. Before closing the restaurant, the premises are disinfected with a fogging machine. The restaurant has removable protection screens that can be used at the request of customers. All food production processes are carried out under strict food safety measures and the restaurant staff has been trained for it. Menu

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    Pet Policy Thank you for choosing Aranjuez Hotel&Suites to stay with your beloved beautiful pet, to guarantee a pleasant coexistence with other guests, these are our policies Pets are allowed only in some rooms (consult previously) and must be requested before arrival. Subject to limited availability. No suite allows pets. ​ ​ Rate $25 + 7% per pet for the entire sta y. ​In addition, a credit card voucher will be opened for incidentals or, if you prefer, a cash deposit of $100 dollars is required, which will be refunded at the end of the stay if there are no further inconveniences. Pets are prohibited in the restaurant-bar, gym, executive hall and meeting rooms. The pet must not weigh more than 10 kilos A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per room and both must be trained and able to be controlled by the guest. Any disturbance such as barking must be controlled to avoid inconvenience to other guests. The pet must always be on a leash or in a cage in public areas, the pet can only be in the room and in allowed public areas. 7.- For security , you can not leave the pet alone in the room without a cage (you must bring your own cage) 8.- It is the responsibility of the guest to collect the feces inside the hotel and surrounding areas 9.- The pet must meet the requirements of local legislation 10.- The hotel is not responsible for any disagreement or incident with the pet. 11.- It's forbidden to bathe pets inside the Aranjuez Hotel&Suites facilities, as well as the use of towels or sheets for the pet. 12.- The pet must not affect other guests for reasons such as noise, bad smell, aggressiveness, etc. and the guest will be responsible for avoiding and controlling any inconvenience to third parties. 13.- The guest agrees to indemnify and exempt Aranjuez Hotel&Suites and/or its operator Inversiones Galaica S.A. from any liability or possible damage caused by the pet. 14.- The costs of any damage or damage will be charged to the account of the responsible guest and must be paid in full before leaving the hotel. 15.- We reserve the right to cancel any reservation that does not comply with these policies, including the right of admission to the hotel. 16.- You must fill out the form on this page requesting pet authorization and accepting these policies ​ **Policies subject to change without notice. Apply now for your pet's accommodation Please fill out the following form to request accommodation for your pet arrow&v I want to subscribe to receive promotions I understand and accept the pet policies as well as my responsibilities Your signature Remove Send We have received your request, if we require more information, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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    Home Book now The hotel Information Rooms Awards Multimedia gallery Políticas Generales Jarama Restaurant About the restaurant Menu Schedule Included Breakfast A la carte breakfast Lunch and dinner Drinks Desserts To share Events Schedule Airport Transfer Request Corporate Rate Promociones Recibe nuestras ofertas Promociones actuales Experiencia Romántica Contact and Location Contact us Location Social networks Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ Site Map Additional services Pet Friendly (Policies) Pre Check-in Check-Out Express Biosecurity COVID-19 Visit Chiriquí Search results

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    Thank you for another year together! Please consider that some of our services may have been modified or paused due to COVID-19 For your health and that of our collaborators, find out more about our Biosecurity measures Biosecurity measures Enter the website

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    Frequently Asked Questions Is it safe to book on this website ✅? Our website is completely secure, complying with international web security standards. We have a security certificate encrypted with the same banking standard, which ensures that your data will never be compromised or intercepted by a third party. To check the security of the website, look at the icon 🔒 located to the left of the web address, that certifies that security is active and by clicking you can obtain more information. ​ What are your measures against COVID-19 🦠 ? We have implemented various preventive measures that have been very effective in containing and avoiding any risk to our valued clients. You can check the full details in the section Biosafety ​ How do I find you at the Enrique Malek airport ✈️ ? To find our van, please, as soon as you get your luggage, exit the terminal and look for our driver dressed in a light blue shirt with our logo and a sign that says "Free transfer from Aranjuez Hotel & Suites" Schedule the service ​ At what times does the transport from / to the airport operate 🚌 ? The service is coordinated daily with the established commercial flight schedule, if a different schedule is required it will be necessary to contact us in advance so that we can authorize a special alternate schedule for you. You can request the service by clicking on Schedule the service ​ Do you have free and secure parking 🚗 ? Yes, we have parking spaces inside the facilities with 24/7 security and protected with a security door to the street. ​ Is the reception 24 hours 🏪? Yes, our reception is open 24 hours every day of the week so we will be ready to receive you at the time that best suits you from 3:00 PM (regular check-in time). ​ Do you have Bellboy service 🛎 ? We do not have the specific service but any of our collaborators in public areas will be more than willing to support you in whatever you need. ​ What hours does the Jarama Restaurant have 🍝 ? Check the updated schedule on the Jarama Restaurant website ​ Do you have a convenience store 🍭? We have a Snack Shop with a selection of basic convenience items and open 24/7 ​ Do you have tourist tours 🏝? We do not have tourist services, but at reception our colleagues can contact you and recommend the best options for your trip. ​ Is the room cleaning service daily cleaning 🧼 🧻? If the cleaning service is daily, unless otherwise requested by the guest. ​ Do you have laundry service 👔? Yes, we offer a laundry service with extra cost that is managed by an external company ​ Is the air conditioning in the rooms quiet and clean 🏨? Yes, all the rooms now have individual split in each room and regular maintenance is given to the filters so that the air is as clean and healthy.

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    Our Rooms You'll love our modern rooms equipped with comfortable furniture, pillow top matress, nice bathroom amenities and a beautiful decoration. We have rooms ideal for families or business woman or men working in in David, Chiriquí. Standard Rooms Book Room Standard Studio Comfortable room that is excellent for one person and offers the best price to stay with quality Aranjuez Read more Book Room Standard Parking Level Excellent for a practical environment with parking in front of the room (located on the ground floor) Read more Book Room Standard Handicap Equipped for people with special needs, with accessible shower and access by elevator Read more Executive Rooms Book Room Executive Queen Excellent for Executives since it is fully equipped. Stands out for its split air conditioning, queen bed and coffee maker. Read more Book Room Executive 2 Double Beds Room designed to save without skimping on details or amenities. It stands out for its extra space and comfort. Read more Book Room Deluxe 2 Double Beds Ideal room for families, it is spacious and very comfortable. The split air conditioning, 2 double beds and large bathroom stand out. Read more Suites Book Room Junior Suite Luxury and comfort within everyone's reach. It stands out for its good design, coffee maker and spacious bathroom with hairdryer. Read more Book Room Master Suite Excellent room for a complete family with extra space. It stands out for being huge and its table with microwave and sink Read more Book Room Executive Suite Independent and spacious suite that will make you feel like a top executive. It stands out for its location on the quiet executive floor. Read more With different environments on the ground floor our provincial style rooms with privacy and direct access to the car. While on the main tower you’ll find beautiful modern executive rooms and spacious Master Suites . An executive floor with the 2 Executive Suites provides privacy and relax while in David, Chiriquí

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    General Policies Booking Policies ​ Check in time: 15:00 Check out time: 12:00 ​ Smoking Policy: NO SMOKING Pet Policy: Not Allowed Crib - Subject to availability Self Parking is free (Subject to availability) Family child policy: Kids are considered up to 11 years old. Adults are considered from 12 years and above. Additional adults not registered on this booking must pay at check-in $20 dollars per person per night (If room's capacity allows it , otherwise another room will be required). Credit Card Policy: A valid credit card is required in order to guarantee the room. Only Master Card, Visa and American Express are accepted. The credit card entered must be under the same name as the person who makes the check-in (corporate cards are not accepted). In case the credit card belongs to a different person or is a corporate card you must send a letter with the authorization of charges signed by the card holder. In case of not receiving this information we reserve the right to cancel the booking or invalidate the payment method. Add-Ons Policy: All Add Ons will be charged to your credit card at the moment of booking. A valid credit card is required in order to offer the service. Food and Beverage Tax - 7% **Early Check-In or Late Check-Out Service Requests are not guaranteed and are subject to availability upon arrival (This request has an additional cost of US$ 20 per service and needs to be booked in advance). We are proud to offer free shuttle service to and from David's Enrique Malek Airport on a stablished schedule. The hotel reserves the right to cancel any reservation that does not comply with the policies previously stipulated. ​ Cancellation Policy Non Refundable Rate (Pay Now) This rate is non-refundable, non-cancelable , non-endorsable and doesn't allow changes. **DEPOSIT POLICY** Deposit for Non Refundable (Pay Now) Rate: The hotel will charge the total amount of the reservation at the moment of booking (Including all extra services purchased). This rate is non refundable, cancellable and doesn't allow changes. In case the credit card is not valid or for some reason the hotel is not able to charge the total amount at the time of booking we reserve the right to cancel the reservation without notice and will not be able to guarantee the availability of the room on check-in day. FLEXIBLE & REFUNDABLE RATE This rate is flexible, allows modifications and cancellations up to 24 hours before arrival to the hotel. Subsequently all cancellations or No Show will have a penalty of 100% of total stay (including all nights booked). Penalty 100% of the booking. **DEPOSIT POLICY** Deposit for Flexible (Pay Later) Rate: The hotel reserves the right to charge the credit card after the booking is made as a guarantee purpose (if necessary) which will be refunded in case of cancelation; otherwise payment will be required at check-in. ​ ​ ​ Privacy Policies ​ Aranjuez Hotel & Suites provides online access to hotel bookings through its cloud-based software and lets customers book from a hotel website and make payments/transactions (our ‘Service’). We provide these solutions and services keeping in mind the data security and privacy aspects. We collect and use as little information from you as possible in order to provide online reservation services in ways consistent with your privacy rights. Aranjuez Hotel & Suites is based in Panama. To know more about us, please visit our website: ​ Data Collected: Aranjuez Hotel & Suites collects your personal information that you provide in order to make your reservation on the billing page. Aranjuez Hotel & Suites further collects the following data automatically from your device when you use the booking engine: 1. Your IP address 2. Your web browser type and version 3. Your operating system 4. The date and time of connection ​ Legal Basis for Collection: Aranjuez Hotel & Suites has an agreement with the hotel to provide the booking engine in order to provide hotel services to you. For the booking engine to work, we need to collect your information. Your agreement with the hotel provides the legal basis for processing your data. Sharing of Data: This reservation system is embedded in a hotel website, so of course Aranjuez Hotel & Suites shares the information you provide with the hotel when you make a reservation. The hotel may send you (email or SMS) reservation confirmation and other promotional messages for their sole purposes. Aranjuez Hotel & Suites will not sell your data to, or share your data with, third parties. ​ Length and Location of Stored Data: Aranjuez Hotel & Suites will keep your data as it is obligated to keep it under the Data Retention laws in place in the country where their servers are located, which are secured with relevant encryption methods and firewall security. Aranjuez Hotel & Suites will not transfer your data at any other location, unless required under the data protection and regulation laws. ​ Your Data Rights: You have the legal right to receive from the hotel owner a copy of your data, to request that Aranjuez Hotel & Suites delete your data or move your data somewhere else. ​ Aranjuez Hotel & Suites Supervisory Authority can be reached through: Cookies: Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device when you visit the booking engine. We place cookies on your device so we can recognize it if you return to the booking system. If you do not want cookies to be used, you can block the cookies in the settings in your web browser. You can also delete all cookies that are stored in your web browser; see your web browser help pages for more information.

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    Media Gallery public Areas and services Rooms Jarama Restaurant Events Chiriquí province